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PK / PKM folding fire handle

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material steel, duralumin
Weight 280 g
Length 122 mm
Диаметр 32 mm
Colour black (blueing, anodized)

Code: M-015

Price: 1700 UAH

Our company continues manufacturing of Kalashnikov machine gun tuning. This time we had created a folding fire handle for PK/PKM. We had met a lot of problems while designing it: which length should it have? Folding or not? angled or straight? It should not interfere with bipod folding. So we had a lot of questions, we listened to the opinion of many experienced servicemen. And now here is the final version of the fire handle for the Kalashnikov machine gun. This PK/PKM fire handle has three main parts: the handle itself, clamping brackets with guides and an angled plate. Its installation is very simple: it starts with placing of a handle into the embrasure of PKM / PK (two round eyelets on the sides below), the fastener is installed on top of the plate. Fastener consists of two parts and walks along the guides. It should be pressed from both sides until it guides get completely inside. At the end of the installation, the hexagon bolt should be pressed. The handle is made of duralumin, it has a hollow for carrying useful things that are closed with a plastic cap. The handle is folded after the top button is pressed. Handle does not interfere with bipod folding. It is installed in angle, for the maximum comfort. As a result, such PKM/PK tuning will simplify weapon using. You can buy this handled via phone.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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