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Long handguard for AK

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material duralumin
Compatibility АКМ, АК-74
Weight (total) 360 g
Length 367 mm
Diameter 44 mm
Colour black (anodized)

Code: M-028

Price: 250$

Another new accessory from our company - the long handguard for the AK series. Its design is not classic - length is expanded until the gunpoint cut. That helps shooter to aim accurately with single shots or tempo firing with a long (long-range) grip (so-called Magpul's grip). This allows more comfortable aiming and control your carbine during shooting and increase shooting accuracy. This handguard does not close all the barrel length, so the possibility to get burnt is lower. The handguard surface is knurled (a rhomb-shaped notch) for reducing the slip of the arm over the handguard. You can install additional Weaver / Picatinny rail (there are 3 extra rails in the set) for extra equipment installation. For example, on the top Picatinny rail, you can optionally install additional remote-mechanical devices instead of the standard ones, and install a flashlight and a fire carrying handle on the rails on the sides. The long handguard for the AK is ventilated in order to allow the faster barrel cooling. The handguard is made of a whole-milled piece of duralumin. This handguard is installed with an original mount for the wooden or plastic handguard. Unlike other manufacturer`s handguards, there is no need to cut sling swivel for our handguard installation. This accessory can be used for servicemen, hunters or amateurs. You can buy long handguard for AK at our shop by phone. Take a look at installation video at this page.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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