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Monopod for the stock (sling swivel)

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material D16T
Weight 160 g
Length min 104 mm, max 133 mm
Diameter 29,5 mm
Colour black (blueing, anodized)

Code: M-027-1

Price: 100$

Monopod for the stock with the possibility of mounting under the standard swivel. Designed specifically for high-precision shooting on long distances. For those who need to make an accurate shot. The stock monopod is widely used by people who need a third point of support for the rifle: snipers, hunters, servicemen, as well as amateurs or marksmen. , It makes the rifle more stable and is a great sandbag replacement. Its installation is very simple, just like Harris bipod. You just need to insert the mount of the third leg into the standard eye of the swivel on the stock and tighten it until the backlash disappears. Also, it has a quick adjustment button and can be folded after installation. It is analog of the Accu Shot monopod. The third leg is made of anodized aluminum alloy and has e steel rod with a mount inside. On the bottom, there is a plastic cap. You can buy monopod for the stock via phone or email.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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