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In this article, we would like to present such products as recoil compensators (muzzle brake) and flame arresters of different types, for different tasks as well as for different types of weapons. What is the purpose of muzzle brake or flash suppressor? We will try to explain here. First of all, let's take a look at the muzzle brake, its different configuration and for a different caliber. We produce muzzle brake for different calibers. The most common calibers are 5.45x39 7.62x39 223 rem and 5.56x45, more powerful 7.62x39 7.62x51, as well as 308 and win 338. After you had figured out the caliber, you need to understand for which tasks the muzzle brake is needed. If you are going to hunt, then the usual classic Wolf Tooth muzzle brake will suit you. If the task is more complicated, you are a marksman and need to increase compensation for the trunk as much as possible, you would prefer 3-chambers Phoenix recoil compensator. These recoils are made with the jet principle that minimizes recoil quite well, but at the same time, they are very loud. If you will use automatic gunfire, then compact Tapco analog muzzle brake is more suitable. In case if you need high-precision shooting, then we recommend titanium 3-chambers Sako 308 analog muzzle brake, or 3-chambers titanium ROEDALE BLAZER 308 win, or regular Phoenix recoil compensator. Most of the flash suppressors are made on the basis of the Bulgarian Krinkov prototype. It is used mainly by the servicemen. Its task is to remove the flame of the shot, thereby not to show out the location of the shooter in the night. It is often used by various special units and intelligence service. The AK-shaped flash suppressor is mostly used for both combat and civilian carbines: AK, AKS, AKM, AKMS, FORT, SAIGA, LIGHTHOUSE, SVD, as well as the AR and Z-15 series and many others. We manufacture most of our products individually. Our experts will help you to choose muzzle brake and flash suppressor that suit your needs in the best way. You can make an order via phone or email. Best regards, MOLOT company.