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"Wolf tooth" muzzle brake (recoil compensator) 5.45

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material steel 30
Caliber 7.62 х 39
Thread 14х1L
Weight 112 g
Length 72 mm
Width 22,5 mm
Colour black (blueing)

Code: M-004

Price: 700 UAH

(not available)

“Wolf tooth” is a classic muzzle brake (recoil compensator). This muzzle brake is an active-jet type and has a classic appearance. It has a classic design, and during years of its existence, has been tested with carabines as well as in military conflicts. It works as flame arrester-afterburner and recoil compensator at the same time. It reduces trunk tossing and is effective for single shots as well as for shooting bursts. Most of the carabines owners (marksmen, hunters, servicemen) like this muzzle brake for it's for simplicity, performance, and sound reducing. Most of the recoil compensators can be used only together with headphones, as the noise level can injure. It is comfortable to shoot with this muzzle brake without headphones. It is suitable for different hunting or military purposes. “Wolf Tooth” can be used with any AK series carabine (7.62x39 caliber and left 14x1 thread): AK, AKS, AKM, AKMS, Fort, Saiga, Mayak, Tula, etc.). This muzzle brake was invented a long time ago, in Soviet times, and some people say that it is morally obsolete. Despite that, there is nothing like this muzzle brake on the market, and it will still be a competitor for a long time. You can buy “Wolf tooth” muzzle brake for AK via email or phone call.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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