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Flame arrester for Dragunov sniper rifle

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material steel 45
Caliber 7.62 х 54
Thread 15х1
Weight 208 g
Length 87 mm
Width 37 mm
Colour black (blueing)

Code: M-012-1

Price: 900 UAH

We are happy to present flame arrester for Dragunov sniper rifle. Recently our company had produced only recoil compensator for Dragunov sniper rifle. Therefore we have asked ourselves a question, why don't we manufacture for DSR? We conducted the market analysis, and realized that most of DSR owners would like to have flame arrester! Thus we had continued to make DSR tuning. So why would you need a flame arrester? in the darkness, it's quite comfortable to use it. Its function is to arrest 99% of a flash of powder gases. That means flame will not show your location to the enemy. Unlike recoil compensator, flame arrester reduces the sound of a shot. Also, you can use it as a screen. You can direct sound of a shot in directions of a shot. We had tested this flame arrester with Kalashnikov, and it had shown the best results. You can buy flame arrester for Dragunov sniper rifle via phone or email.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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