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3-chambers recoil compensator (muzzle brake), ROEDALE 308 analog

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material Titanium (ВТ22)
Caliber 308
Thread 18х1
Weight 110 g
Length 73 mm
Width 36 mm
Height 25 mm
Colour (sandblasting)

Code: M-024

Price: 140$

Here is another brand new muzzle brake model! 3-sections recoil compensator (muzzle brake), ROEDALE 308 analog is made from quite durable material - titanium. This metal is relatively lightweight and at the same time remains very solid. After manufacturing this muzzle brake undergoes sandblasting, that provides a unique appearance for titanium. Jet type ROEDALE analog muzzle brake has 3 chambers that keep from trunk tossing and allows accurate shooting. This muzzle brake has 18x1 thread, but we can customize it. Apart from the thread, it has additional fasteners with two bolts, so during firing, it will not get loose and will be attached to the trunk properly. Right in the middle, this muzzle brake has a fastener for the anti-mirage tape, in order to avoid a mirage or so-called “floating target” when the barrel is heated. 3-sections recoil compensator ROEDALE 308 was specially created for experienced shooters who know how to hit the target. You can buy ROEDALE 308 muzzle brake as well as get the advice from our experts by phone or by email.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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