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Railed gas tube for AK

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material steel 40x, duralumin
Caliber 7.62х39, 5,45х39
Weight 180 g
Length 175 mm
Width 25 mm
Height 26,5 mm
Colour black (anodizing, blueing, coloring)

Code: M-009

Price: 3100 UAH

The MOLOT company has released another and very interesting brand new railed gas tube for AK with Picatinny rail. This product will allow you to replace your standard gas tube with a more advanced which allows installing additional equipment, collimator sight, a lantern or a sling swivel, depending on the task. That is why there is a universal mount (Picatinny rail) all along the milled tube body. This gas tube for AK is made of three parts. Its milled shell is made of Evral 20-24, an analog of D16-T (anodized, painted with gun paint and hardened фе 200С). A steel tube made of steel 40x with a lock nut is screwed in the middle of the shell, blued and painted too. In the inner part of the tube, there are chambers for better gases discharging, so the powder gases partially go out through the gas tube, thus less carbon goes to the receiver.  This AK tuning is suitable for the AK series (7.62x39 and 5.45x39): FORT, AK, AKM, AKMS, AKS, AK-47, MAYAK, SAIGA, AKS-74, Nezhin, etc, apart from AKSU - we manufacture another gas tube for them. You can buy a railed gas tube for AK via phone or email.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine


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