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Tube for telescopic stock for AKMS

Manufacturer MOLOT
Material aluminum alloy D16 T
Weight 250 g
Length 210 mm
Width 29,5 mm
Colour black (anodized)
ставиться: AKMS

Code: M-010-2

Price: 1950 UAH

Did you decide to make tuning for your AKMS? We are happy to present to your attention telescopic tube-adapter for adjustable stock for an AKMS series and its modifications (Fort 201, AKMS-MF, AKMS-OP, and others with a stamped frame). Installation of this telescopic stock is quite easy, it can replace original frame stock. It does not have any design flaws of the “CAA Tactical” or “FAB Defense”, that are used with a hunting carbine. Those manufacturers did not work with AKMS carabines family, and users usually had troubles while installing their telescopic stock. We solved this problem, and now you don't need to cut, drill or break anything - you just easily installing this stock on your carabine.  We also solved the problem with the sling swivel for belt fastening: while the stock reinstalling we leave the original one. Also, sling swivel can be placed on any angle, that is convenient for the shooter and fixed in that position. The left inner fixator is another detail remaining from the original stock because it is almost impossible to remove it. Thus we decided to leave it on its place, fixing it with a tug. And now it works as a fixator for our stock as well. Tube of the stock for AKMS has no backlash relative to the main body, thereby increasing shooting accuracy. This accessory is made with aluminum alloy D16Tm sometimes called “aviation aluminum”. This material is strong and lightweight, that is perfect for the gun. Our stock is covered with anodizing that is much better than usual painting, it is resistant to the external factors and is not damaged with physical impact. As shooters and designers, we wanted to make AKMS tuning as easy as possible, to avoid any drilling or cutting. That is why you can install our telescopic stock for AKMS with your bare hands.

Best regards, MOLOT company.
Country of origin: Ukraine

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